Gala Spreadsheet

When I took over the running of the Tunbridge Wells Primary School Swimming Gala, I began to create a custom Excel spreadsheet that contained all of the features needed to run the gala. I will be handing off the role and my work, so in the process of documenting it for the next person, I've decided to release versions of the spreadsheet for people to use!

Below is a ZIP archive containing:

  • The Spreadsheet, a .xlsm file*

  • Documentation explaining it all

  • Timekeeper template/master documents for each lane and the Chief Timekeepers

Due to the way this spreadsheet handles data, it cannot be used for licensed galas at any level... yet.

This spreadsheet will (hopefully!) get updated in the future, with a couple of goals being:

  • Rejigging the spreadsheet for single league galas - completed - see below

    • An extension of this - Creating a specific version for Kent Junior League galas

  • Enabling export of data to SportSystems Neutral Data Format, making it suitable for licensed league galas

If you want someone to run your gala, I am available for hire! You can contact me at, or by clicking the Email Me! button below.

*Common Excel files are stored in a .xlsx file extension, but this Spreadsheet contains macros as part of its functionality, meaning it is stored in a different file extension

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If you have any questions or need any help with errors you may encounter, please email me at