I've done video projects, primarily as a video editor with over 36,000 views on videos that are edited for YouTube. Speciality topics include live theatre recordings, education and informational videos, as well as "talking head" type projects.

I'm also looking to get involved with more livestreaming events and similar projects.

In video editing, I have intermediate proficiency in Adobe Premiere Pro, and some basic skills in Adobe After Effects and Adobe Audition. On the live-streaming side, I have technical knowledge of video capture cards, networking/NDI infrastructure and OBS/vMix vision mixer software.

Previously completed projects include:

*Please contact for viewing information

Examples of Nathan's work

Idents for the TEDxRTW Talks designed and provided by WideFrameUK

Equipment for RTW Monson video provided by Mark Leman/Raster Vision Ltd


If you have a video project and are looking for an editor, or need a vision mixer for your live-streamed event, please get in touch with me at the link below with the following details:

Contact Me!